Rules Of The Centre

Safety & Enjoyment For Every Visitor

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Safety & Enjoyment

Children must be booked into the centre by an adult (e.g. Parent or Guardian).

No child is to be left in the centre unattended.

Please take children to visit the toilet before you use the play areas-it can get just too exciting in there and we’ve all seen the consequences of that!

Please do not leave children playing in the Baby or Toddler Areas unattended at any time.

No child over the age of 18 months is allowed to play in the Baby Play Area.

No child over the age of 4 years is allowed to play in the Toddler Play Area.

The main structure is recommended for children aged 4 years and over.

The slide must be used appropriately! Children must not climb up the slide or the netting and must only come down, sat on their bottom and facing forwards.

Parents of younger children may allow their children to use this play structure, but do so at their own risk and it is strongly recommended that they accompany their child.

Adults may accompany their younger children on the play equipment, but do so at their own risk!

Children up to the age of 11 years may use the appropriate play facilities subject to the child being under the maximum height of 4ft 9” (143cm) tall.

Suitable clothing to be worn. Ideally legs and arms should be covered.

Children should not use the play structures with jewellery, watches, rings, badges or sharp objects in pockets that may cause injury or damage to the equipment whilst playing.

Please remove children’s shoes before they enter the soft play area. Socks must be worn at all times and can be purchased from reception if needed.

No food or drinks are allowed in any of the play areas.

Only food and drinks purchased at Bizee Kidz may be consumed on the premises.

All injuries, accidents or emergencies must be reported to a member of staff.

Children who are unwell should not use the facilities.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission.

If the above rules and conditions are not being adhered to the management reserves the right to ask the child/adult to leave the premises.

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